Facts of life here in our humble residence

Just a bit of work and life has to keep going on. Its been awhile since I shared my works. So pre occupied with domestic life around here.


Unfinished me

Stitch a Picture

Reposting an old story, unfinished, forgotten and shelved. Accidentally digged and found. It happens all the time, finding things I don’t even look for. I had lost interest on this one. I thought about starting it again in a white fabric, but then one thing after another came up and it landed at the bottom of a box I haven’t opened in years. Got to put it on my bucket list for 2018 so as the others.


Reserved projects for the coming months

What lies ahead is something yet to discover and experience but in anticipation of a long days to come, I want to be prepared. Twelve hours of daylight and 12 dark hours each day, down there in our countryside home is very long. Although there is no reason to get bored or tired of living in the rural areas if one can appreciate the beauty of nature and its constant changes. And If I will be honest to myself, its not only the serenity of the surroundings but the people who lives there that draws me closer to the place I call home. I might not be able to write about my progress as much as I’d like to, but then I will probably read more and follow more of my favorite blogs. Its an amazing thing to do reading about real time stories of real people. I was once addicted to reading fictional characters and novels. Thanks to the positive side effects of internet, we get to know real people all over the world, who shares not only interesting but moving and educational ideas. I give thanks to the almighty God for the people who has been an inspiration to me ever since.

I hate back stitching

In between all my routines and new projects, I find time to stitch small cuties and giveaways. This lovely girl is one of them. I just have to really give it some time because it really needed a lot of back stitch. I hate back stitch, especially back stitching outside the lines. I thought I will use this one to decorate a canvas bag, I’m not sure if it will be alright. I got to fixed it really good, I think.23270177_10213494725994928_337531506328136984_o-002

Pinned ideas put into usable bag

uit pinterest

I had to have one before I headed south, its not only handy, its washable. Sweating a lot and having clammy arms is inevitable while shopping outside air conditioned malls. I had to use what is already in my scrap box, so I just came up with this:

wip6 (800x533)

Its not finished yet, I may opt to change or make the strap shorter upon arriving home in the Philippines. My semi industrial singer machine down there can stitch thicker layers. I just wanted to have the decorative stitch done with my deco machine here in Belgium. I didn’t even make any pattern at all. The good thing about recycling is, most of the design bloggers shares are not really patented. Sizes can also depend on how and where anyone will use it. In my case I needed one that carry all but not too big to draw too much attention. I might sew a lot more of this for give away. Friends appreciate it very much knowing I made it myself.